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Unattended Fire book launch mp3s

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This book launch happened over 3 months ago @ ModernFormations. Bob Pajich was on the ball & recorded it. Now, thanks to the magic of mp3 technology, you can relive his scintillating poetic performance, along with those of Kris Collins, Lori Jakiela, Dave Newman & the Unattended Fireman himself, Scott Silsbe – or hear them for the first time. Click on Paulette Poullet‘s lovely promotional image to do so.


6/29-6/30 3 Years @ 3138 Dobson

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Copacetic Comics (which kindly stocks Six Gallery books), Mind Cure Records & Lili Cafe all exist in the same building in scenic Polish Hill & have for the past 3 years. This weekend they’ll be celebrating their mutual anniversary with INCREDIBLE SAVINGS. Click the photograph or just visit 3138 Dobson in meatspace for more details.

Moodyana: Cave Canem @ The New School reading & Word Around Town tour

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Jonathan Moody has been a busy guy lately. Between perfecting his next manuscript & podcasting & teaching high school lit & preparing to be a new dad, he still found time to perform with fellow Cave Canem poets CM Burroughs & Yona Harvey @ The New School in Greenwich Village on April 23.

& he was recently selected to be in this poetry tour you can check out should you find yourself in Houston in early August. Click through the Steadmanish portal for more info.

Hard Times Blues cover & pre-order protocol

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Elwin Cotman wrote the words. Dan McCloskey drew the cover. A few minor details remain to be attended to, then on July 15th the book comes out. It is Elwin’s 2nd collection & contains the stories “The Elvis Room”, “Pulp”, “The Revelation of John”, “A Song for the Yellow Prince” & “Graveyard Shift”  (a very early version of which appeared in the 3rd issue of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse zine way back when). Here’s what the great Elizabeth Hand said about an ARC with a bunch of typos:

With its intoxicating blend of rock and roll and the supernatural, crazed religion and visionary prose, Hard Times Blues is a wild ride down the same shadowy American sideroads traveled by the likes of Cormac McCarthy, Greil Marcus and Samuel R. Delany. A marvelous collection by a strikingly original new voice in contemporary fiction.

Kinda makes you want to pre-order by emailing Elwin $15, doesn’t it?

Away the Crow Road

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This is nothing do to with Six Gallery & old news besides. But earlier this month, Iain Banks boosted his book sales by cleverly dying of gallbladder cancer & I just read Stuart Kelly’s final interview with him for The Guardian. Here’s Banks on the outrageousness of real life & the annoyingly unrealistic amount of sense fiction is supposed to make:

“It’s a writerly truism – probably best illustrated by William Goldman in Adventures in the Screen Trade – that only real life can get away with the really outrageous stuff. The trouble with writing fiction is that it has to make sense, whereas real life doesn’t. It’s incredibly annoying for us scribblers. A lot of the time you’re simply deciding how far down the path of unlikeliness you can go while still retaining the willing suspension of disbelief in the reader. You can’t go too far – ‘With one mighty bound he was free!’ – because it just becomes ridiculous. Readers will start to feel that it’s all too coincidental, too easy, too contrived and convenient for the writer’s purposes. You’re trying to decide how much you can get away with.”

Yep, a tricky decision.

Banks followed his usual schedule of writing in the early months of the year. He went to the doctor thinking his sore back was most likely due to having been sitting at a desk writing The Quarry. “On the morning of 4th March” – after he had been sent for a CT scan – “I thought everything was hunky dory except I had a sore back and my skin looked a bit funny. By the evening of the 4th I’d been told I had only a few months to live. By that time I’d written 90% of the novel; 87,000 words out of 97,000. Luckily, even though I’d done my words for the day, I’d taken a laptop into the hospital in Kirkcaldy, and once I’d been given the prognosis, I wrote the bit where Guy says, ‘I shall not be disappointed to leave all you bastards behind.’ It was an exaggeration of what I was feeling, but it was me thinking: ‘How can I use this to positive effect?’ Because I was feeling a bit kicked in the guts at this point. So I thought, ‘OK, I’ll just give Guy a good old rant.’ Like I say; that’s reality for you, it can get away with anything.”

Can’t wait to read that good old rant.

Mad condolences to the pals & fam of Mr. Banks,  & to all who dug his books. Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome & tall as you.

Fresh Words from Angele Ellis

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The first batch of words is the flash fiction piece “Pitcher”, on pg. 16 of the June 2013 issue of Stone Highway Review.

The second batch is also the second chapter of her novel-in-progress. The chapter, not the novel, is called “Gulf War Reunion, 1991” & can be read @ Go Read Your Lunch.

In the unlikely event you still haven’t read the first chapter “Desert Storms”, it’s still up over @ Eunoia Review.

Keep going, Angele!

Ally Malinenko brings the love

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& a video from the new Bowie album. Check it. Also check this new, space-themed anthology from Kind of a Hurricane Press she has a poem in.

Thanks, Ally. You’ve really made the grayeyade.

6/20/13 True Story Party @ EEBX

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TOMORROW @ 7pm, storyteller Stacy Keene brings her sharp eye for the telling detail to East End Book Exchange for the first True Story Party. She will be joined by author/filmmaker & 6GP poet Robert Isenberg,

comedian Derek Minto,
MOTH producer Kelly Dee,
author/actor Pete Butler,
Jasmine Davis & Andrea Laurion of 808 improv comedy troupe,
author/comedian Michael Buzzelli,
actor Michael McBurney,
storyteller/globetrotter Jia Ji,

& host, comedian John Dick Winters. The theme is “taking flight”. Pizza by Spak Bros. & some kind of wine will be provided, but also BYOB if it’s your True Will.

The performances will be recorded for the True Story podcast.

6/24/13 Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writer’s Showcase #10

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WHEN: Monday, June 24th at 7 pm

WHERE: Cyberpunk Apocalypse

             1200 Boyle Street PGH, PA


This final Writer’s Showcase will feature poet & musician Allen Killian-Moore from Minnesota.

Local and touring musical acts C-Bend and Boat Water will also be performing.

This event will be held on the Cyberpunk Apocalypse premises.The reception will be at 7pm and the performances will begin at 7:30 pm.

Thank you to all for your support of the Heinz funded Writer’s Showcase series.

The Writer’s Showcase works to advance reading as performance, and would not be possible without the support of The Heinz Endowments’ Small Arts Initiative.

Donations are encouraged but not required. Get ready to be impressed.

The Heinz Endowments supports efforts to make southwestern Pennsylvania a premier place to live and work, a center for learning and educational excellence, and a region that embraces diversity and inclusion.


Daniel is apparently running out of ketchup money & demolishing the Cyberpunk house wall by wall to sell for scrap. Help him out by buying his Six Gallery book, A Film About Billy, or some zine or other.

6/22/13 Lix & Kix aka Crisis Chronicles/Night Ballet Press @ EEBX

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Saturday, June 22nd @ 7PM @ EEBX, 6GP’s Jason Baldinger will host a FREE performance by local & nonlocal poets.

Pittsburgh’s dynamic duo

Renée Alberts & Nikki Allen

join forces with Cleveland’s small press superteam

John Burroughs & Dianne Borsenik

to fight the crime of not having an awesome reading.

Learn more @ Bookface. BYOB.


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Happy Dad’s Day. Happy Bloomsday.

Welcome to the blog of Six Gallery Press. We publish good books, but you don’t have to take my word for it. We also publish music on another archaic medium, the compact disc. The aim of this blog is to keep you & your loved ones abreast of the latest activities within the Six Gallery community: new releases, readings, musical performances & reviews like mad & yes I said yes I will update frequently.