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7/28 & 7/30 Scott Silsbe’s Music & Poetry

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On Sunday, Scott Silsbe will be performing with his band Moldies & Monsters as part of Weather Permitting at the Shadyside Nursery. Click on the image for more info.

Then on Tuesday, join Silsbe & eight other fine poets (Nikki Allen, Marilyn Bates, Jimmy Cvetic, Jason Irwin, Amanda Reynolds, Alicia Salvadeo, Kayla Sargeson & Bob Ziller) for the grand finale of the Hemingway’s Summer Poetry Series. If you missed last week’s performance feat. Kris Collins, Don Starick’s recording of the event can be listened to here.


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Elwin has a new guest post at about the historical background of “The Revelation of John” & his approach to fantasy generally. On his blog there’s a new essay explaining what a zombie novella is doing in Hard Times Blues & the genesis & evolution of “Graveyard Shift”; & another about the relationship of Robert E. Howard’s novel The Hour of the Dragon to the Book of Exodus.

Yesterday the Hard Times Blues launch party occurred at Pegasus Books in Berkeley & soon Elwin will be coming to a bookstore/café/temporary autonomous zone near you. More on this as it is figured out.

“Milkweed” by Angele Ellis & Small Press Roulette

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Angele Ellis has a new short story called “Milkweed” in Prime Number. It’s quite good & the story is accompanied by a little interview. Check it out.

Also, Karen Lillis has been popping up & selling small press books & whatnot all over town – for instance, yesterday at the Polish Hill Arts Festival.

Now she is doing a thing called Small Press Roulette – basically, for between 2 & 15 dollars, she picks a small press artifact in the genre of your choice & sends it to you. Check that out too!

7/23 Berkman Fest & Hemingway’s Summer Poetry Series

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For months, the Loose Organization of Surreal Ethereal Realists has been plotting the 6th annual Alexander Berkman Labor & Music Festival. Tomorrow at The Big Idea, their understandably motivated but profoundly misguided plan will be put into direct action, including performances by Rob Gray, Kriscinda Lee Everitt & rabble-rousing 6GP poet Jason Baldinger. Berkman may have flubbed Frick’s assassination, but LOSER always hits the mark with a fun event. Click on Kathy Boykowycz’s charming drawing for more info.

Also tomorrow, in fact at the same time as Berkman Fest, the latest installment of the Hemingway’s Summer Poetry Series will transpire at Hemingway’s in Oakland. David Ades, Renée Alberts, Nancy Krygowski & 6GP poet/Low Ghost mastermind Kristofer Collins will be slinging words & taking names (for their mailing list). Go to one, then leave halfway through & go to the other one – who cares, they’re both free!

Inside Your Brain

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it’d be too dark to read, were it not for Elwin’s glowing words.

With hyperbolic, technicolor imagery and engrossing characters that radiate intrigue, these modern tales comprise a new book of essential fables for our time–read it, close your eyes, and delight in the words still glowing hot inside your brain.

Alissa Nutting, author of Tampa

Light up your brain with the opening scene from “A Song for the Yellow Prince” & Elwin’s latest guest post at Fade Into Fantasy.

7/17 & 7/20 Hasta Pronto, Robert Isenberg!

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At the end of the month, Robert Isenberg is abandoning (yes, abandoning) the Steel City & moving to Costa Rica. Two opportunities to see him perform one last time (until he comes back) & bombard him with overripe tomates y aguacates exist. The first is TODAY at Bar Marco.

The second, featuring Joe Lyons, Fred Betzner, Joanna Lowe, Parag Shanti G & Brad Keller, is Saturday at Arcade Comedy Theater.

See you soon, Robert.

You lucky bastard.

7/24 Hard Times Blues Launch Party @ Pegasus Books

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Miraculously, Hard Times Blues is available on Amazon, just in time for its release date. But the melancholy difficulties are just beginning.

On July 24 at Pegasus Books in Berkeley, Terra Brigando & Miquila Alejandre will help Elwin launch the HMS HTB & inaugurate another trip through the dreamlands.

7/21 Small Press Pittsburgh @ Polish Hill Arts Festival

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Karen Lillis has secured Six Gallery a place at the table! Buy all the books, or just pretend to look at them with an interested expression for what seems like a polite period of time & then awkwardly walk off to get a falafel or whatever. There are far worse ways to spend a Sunday in Pittsburgh – yammering, bilious, unnamable ways – so stop by & treat the sense or senses of your choosing to something you actually enjoy.

Gritty Predicaments

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An exciting, inspiring, and sublime mix of beautiful imagery, old-fashioned pulp, gritty predicaments, biblical poetry, soul, charm, heart, heartache, ghosts, lost souls, bad attitudes, and literary invention. I love these energetic, wistful, vibrant stories. Elwin Cotman writes like a brilliant maniac, as if he’s afraid someone will take his pen away too soon.

Timothy Schaffert, author of The Coffins of Little Hope

To promote Hard Times Blues, Elwin will be guest posting on various fantasy sites in the coming weeks. So you know Schaffert isn’t just blurbing smoke when he writes of “gritty predicaments,” this recent post at Literary Escapism includes an excerpt from “The Elvis Room” that is absolutely filthy. 

7/19 Five Years of Cyberpunk Apocalypse

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Seems like only yesterday Daniel was house-hunting in Lawrenceville, a demented gleam in his eye. Five years on & that gleam is still there, his strange dream a living, self-transforming reality which continues to touch the lives of so many people. A week from now @ Assemble, the Apocalytes & friends will convene to celebrate this milestone. Join them if it be thy True Will.

UPDATE 7/17: Tameka Cage Conley will also perform.

Driven by Love

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Elwin Cotman’s carefully wrought, gracefully accomplished, and lyrical narratives range in tone and style from picaresque and carnivalesque to elegiac, ironic, and melancholy. Yet, while tonally distinctive and aesthetically vivid, his stories are not so much driven by style or voice, as they are by love in the largest sense. For love does not exclude chaos nor avoid the vicissitudes of history and neither do Cotman’s socially engaged, brilliantly crafted stories.

Miranda Mellis, author of None of This Is Real

Hard Times Blues will be up on Amazon on the 15th, but you can still circumvent the leviathan & pre-order from Elwin.