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8/31 Sigh Meltingstar Healing Benefit & Art Auction

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This should be awesome. It’s a benefit for Pittsburgh’s favorite transhumanist conceptual artist, who is taking a walloping from Crohn’s. Several of the artists & performers, including Sigh, have made outstanding contributions to the (finally) upcoming Six Gallery Review. So make an outstanding contribution to Sigh’s (& your own) health & well-being by attending this shit.


8/26 Hit the Bricks @ Biddle’s Escape

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This is happening TOMORROW.



9/7 Kevin Finn @ Dobra Tea

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A bit late with this, but here’s what Jack Rabid at The Big Takeover had to say about Kevin Finn‘s last album 2012.

Kevin played a great set on August 3 at The Rock Room with strange sound-generator Burnout Warcry. On the first Saturday in September, Kevin will play a solo set at this new (to me, they’ve been open since March) place in Squirrel Hill, Dobrá Tea. Choose from “over 100 teas & drinks from around the world” & steep yourself in Kevin’s meditative music.

The Rapid Eye

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Tait McKenzie Johnson & co. have put together this rad-looking new dream-themed publication.  The first issue includes fiction by Dean Clayton Edwards, Melissa Davis, Angele Ellis, Jessie Woods, Steve Carter & Frank Roger; poetry by Steve Klepetar, Jessica Fenlon, William Doreski, Crystal Hoffman, Ron. Lavalette, Jeena Mary Chacko, Valentina Cano, Denny E. Marshall, J.J. Steinfeld & Paolo Tedeschi; & images by Christopher Woods, Alberto J. Almarza, James Curcio & Pete Petrisko. Click on the above image to check out some examples of the content &/or buy a PDF of the thing for $3. If you’re reading this in a dream (which you are), make sure to write it down so you don’t go on about your day with a vague sense there was something important you wanted to remember, but no way to tell what it was, then submit what you wrote for the next issue.




8/18 Small Press Pgh @ Millvale Community Library

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Didn’t know there was such a thing? That’s because it’s their grand opening.

8/13 Hard Times Blues Tour @ EEBX

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Here’s what Dan Parme (author of Hungry, a funny, dark & whimsical tale of murder, foolishness & gastronomy in the 412) had to say about Hard Times Blues:

Tales that manage to be funny, dark, whimsical, and more than a little trippy are always trips worth taking. Hard Times Blues is like a journey through the woods in a world that vaguely resembles this one–strange new wildlife peeks at you through the trees, and you can’t even imagine what you’ll find at the heart of this forest, but isn’t that part of the fun? Cotman has laid an enticing path before your feet. Following it would be a wise, and thoroughly entertaining, decision.

As would coming to the East End Book Exchange on the appropriate day, at the appropriate time, with the appropriate beverage of your choosing. Dan & Jess Simms (currently polishing off the first volume of a trilogy about bisexual immortals & the conspiracies who love them) will blow your mind, then Elwin will completely destroy it. For free. If you have to work, quit your job. If your house is on fire, it’ll probably still be on fire when you get back. Whatever your excuse, it won’t fly harder than the Spruce Goose.

Hard Times Blues Tour

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In a week Elwin is hitting the road, performing (yes, performing) his stories at nine locales across these United States, plus three locales in Canada. Twelve locales in all! Twelve chances to hear these tales told by, & buy (yes, buy) Hard Times Blues from, the author himself!

Saturday, August 10th–Brooklyn, NY @ Molasses Books, 8:00pm

Tuesday, August 13th–Pittsburgh, PA @ East End Book Exchange, 7:00pm
w/ Jess Simms & Dan Parme

Wednesday, August 14th–Philadelphia, PA @ A Space, 7:00pm
w/ Shevaun Brannigan

Thursday, August 15th–Worcester, MA @ Collective A Go Go, time TBA
w/ Insurgent Theatre

Friday, August 16th–Brattleboro, VT @ People’s Bookshop, 7:00pm

Saturday, August 17th–Boston, MA @ The Lilypad, 5:00pm
w/ Militza Jean-Felix, Zach Buscher & Shira Lipkin

Sunday, August 18th–Ithaca, NY @ Buffalo Street Books, 3:00pm

Monday, August 19th–Montreal, QC @ Argo Bookshop, time TBA

Tuesday, August 20th–Ottawa, ON @ The Daily Grind, 7:00pm

Wednesday, August 21–Toronto, ON @ The 460, time TBA
w/ Kelly Rose Pflug-Back & Leah Bobet

Friday, August 23–Chicago, IL @ Quimby’s Bookstore, 7:00pm
w/ Patty Templeton

Saturday, August 24–Cincinnati, OH, details TBA

If you’re in any of those places at any of those times, do not miss this shit. Check Elwin’s Bookface or blog religiously for updates.

8/2 The Little Book Fair

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Hard Times Blues will make its Pittsburgh debut tonight at The Little Book Fair, a wonderful place to stop & impulse-buy a bunch of books after hitting up the free wine & hors d’oeuvres at all the Penn Ave. art galleries. Quite a few other suprapersonal groupminds & 6GP-affiliated individual creators will also be there. And so will you.