The Rapid Eye

Tait McKenzie Johnson & co. have put together this rad-looking new dream-themed publication.  The first issue includes fiction by Dean Clayton Edwards, Melissa Davis, Angele Ellis, Jessie Woods, Steve Carter & Frank Roger; poetry by Steve Klepetar, Jessica Fenlon, William Doreski, Crystal Hoffman, Ron. Lavalette, Jeena Mary Chacko, Valentina Cano, Denny E. Marshall, J.J. Steinfeld & Paolo Tedeschi; & images by Christopher Woods, Alberto J. Almarza, James Curcio & Pete Petrisko. Click on the above image to check out some examples of the content &/or buy a PDF of the thing for $3. If you’re reading this in a dream (which you are), make sure to write it down so you don’t go on about your day with a vague sense there was something important you wanted to remember, but no way to tell what it was, then submit what you wrote for the next issue.




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