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10/19 Elwin Cotman @ the (downtown) omaha lit fest

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After touring to promote Hard Times Blues (which you can read about over at Black Gate), Elwin has returned to professor-mode. But in a few weeks he’ll be hitting the road again to hang out & panel at the (downtown) omaha lit fest. Here’s a description of the panel:

Saturday, October 19 / 2:30

Experiments: Writing around the mainstream.
Authors talk about risk, invention, small-press publishing, dangerous subjects, and the literary underground. Panelists include: Elwin Cotman, author of Jack Daniels Sessions EP: A Collection of Fantasies; Brion Poloncic, author of Xanthous Mermaid Mechanics (published by Journal of Experimental Fiction); and Thom Sibbitt, who explores sex, death, and drugs in his novel The Turnpike.

9/28 & 10/3 Dana Killmeyer @ Vegas Valley Book Festival

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Dana Killmeyer will be performing TODAY as part of the Vegas Valley Poetry Celebration & on 10/3 as part of the First Friday Poetry Cyber Launch. Losing all your money gambling is no excuse since both events are FREE like God’s love.

9/22 & 9/27 Small Press Pittsburgh Pop-Ups

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You people aren’t buying enough (Six Gallery) books from Karen Lillis. Fortunately you have two chances before the end of the month to make it right. This one is TODAY

& this one is on Friday – Karen & the books will be somewhere highly visible on Liberty Avenue. If you still don’t know what this all is, here’s Marc Schuster’s interview with Karen from last month, in which she explains it all.

UPDATE 9/27: Karen & the books will be (or are already) OUTSIDE THE TOONSEUM.

9/21 Versify @ EEBX

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Versify should be cool TONIGHT. David Adès, Laurie Arnold-McMillan, Angele Ellis & Sheila Kelly will perform. Bob Walicki will host.


Angele says they’re “doing something different for this reading” which apparently means this:

The poets are doing a “collaborative” reading–reading poems by one other as well as their own, plus a few pieces with all their voices, choral style.  In addition, they’ll each read something to go with the theme of “Home/Not-Home,” inspired by Richard Hugo’s ideas in his book, The Triggering Town.

9/27 Rustbelt Exchange @ EEBX

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Jason Baldinger, John Dorsey, Steve Brightman, John Burroughs & Dianne Borsenik are coming to EEBX, marking the first time Cleveland poets have been allowed to perform poetry in Pittsburgh in nearly five decades. Attend this reading & support the peace process.

9/6 & 9/7 Jason Baldinger & Nikki Allen in OH

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This is TONIGHT in Canton.

& this is TOMORROW NIGHT in Columbus.