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12/21 Moldies & Monsters @ Howlers Annual Holiday Party

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TOMORROW @ Howlers Coyote Cafe:

12/23 The Librarian/River Underneath the City Release Party @ Modern Formations

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Next Monday, TWO books are being released at ONCE! This is the “Best of Culture” according to Pittsburgh Magazine, whatever that says about our culture:

Book-release parties are always a blast. The author is noticeably excited and flushed, having seen years of toil on a project come to fruition. That feeling is contagious, as audiences universally catch the bug and get in the spirit. Join John Grochalski, author of The Librarian, and Scott Silsbe, who penned the poetry collection The River Underneath the City, as they share excerpts from their newly published works. Taylor Grieshober and Jason Irwin also will be reading at this shindig.

[ModernFormations Gallery, 4919 Penn Ave., Garfield;]

& here’s the Bookface, with a festive flyer by the great Paulette Poullet:

12/15 Duncan & Porter Housewarming

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THIS SUNDAY from 3-9PM, check out Vincent Eirene’s new homeless shelter:

Come celebrate the reopening of Duncan and Porter House of Hospitality and Resistance in a new location as they recommence their work to serve Pittsburgh’s homeless community.

Music, food, and friends.



3 by Elwin Cotman

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A revised version of an old Christmas card story, “The Piper’s Christmas Carol” at Christine Stoddard’s Quail Bell,

“The Beautiful Nightmare of The Time Masters” at Black Gate,

& a lovely piece on Fritz Lieber’s story “Smoke Ghost” at Weird Fiction Review

would like you to read them.

12/14 Sea of Dust Release @ Dobra Tea

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Kevin Finn is known ’round here as one of Pittsburgh’s better singer-songwriters. But he’s also a well-regarded poet who’s just followed his chapbook Escape Wounds with the collection Sea of Dust (Six Gallery Press). Finn marks the book’s release tonight with a reading at newish Squirrel Hill hang-out Dobrá Tea. Also reading are visiting poet Arthur Seefahrt and locals Bernadette Ulsamer and Kris Collins.

-Bill O’Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper

Here’s what haiku master Don Wentworth said about the book:

Kevin Finn’s assured pacing, modulated lyricism, and percipient eye go straight to the heart of things, the big, deep, breaking heart of things. I know no other way to say it: Sea of Dust is a damned beautiful book by a poet of immense feeling and talent.

So there.

Dark Pomes by John Thomas Menesini

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is good.

Click for Dark Pomes.

Give the guy a dollar.