3/27 Best of Sync’d @ Melwood Screening Room

TOMORROW, in addition to the Lummox Press reading, this is happening.

Via City Paper:

Sync’d is a unique cinematic venture pairing silent shorts by local filmmakers with original soundtracks performed live. If you haven’t been, tonight’s a good time to catch up: The Best of Sync’d features 10 films drawn from the last five shows. Shorts by the likes of Tess Allard, Jessica Fenlon, Michael Maraden and Jim Mueller are screened to recorded-live soundtracks by artists like Lungs Face Feet, Ben Opie and Josh Wulff, and Dire Wolves. Gangwish will perform live at the Melwood Screening Room event. Bill O’Driscoll 8 p.m. 477 Melwood Ave., Oakland. $5. 412-681-5449 or www.pittsburgharts.org

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