Small Press Roulette IndieGogo

Karen Lillis is doing an IndieGogo campaign for Small Press Roulette. Check it out!
Small Press Roulette brings you indie press surprises from the far corners of the literary underground!
  • Small Press Roulette is halfway to its IndieGogo goal after only 2 weeks!
  • I had a great trip to San Francisco last week! I did readings in Glen Park, the Mission, and downtown Oakland. I book scouted in Hayes Valley, the Mission, Glen Park, & at City Lights Bookstore. I’m back in Pittsburgh with a ton of new books, zines, and mini comics.
  • I’m headed to New York in a couple of weeks, for a reading at Mellow Pages small press library in Bushwick, Brooklyn!
  • Readers are raving about their Small Press Roulette packages. I’m hoping to keep getting the word out to wider circles. Please share if you are excited about Small Press Roulette!

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