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11/7 How to Be an American & Love Songs from Flood City launch party @ ModernFormations

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Here are some nice things people said about How to Be an American:

The poems in How to Be an American strike the chords of conversations we should be having, should have already had and resolved, or conversations that should be irrelevant. In this generation’s remake of democracy, Malinenko’s book is an incendiary device.
—Jason Baldinger, author of The Lower Forty-Eight

Ally Malinenko is the embodiment of what E.L. Doctorow meant when he said we need writers because we need witnesses to this terrifying century. In How to Be an American, she dissects the American dream and breaks it down to its petri-dish truths. Malinenko’s America is a country that exports ignorance and consumerism, where the greatest embarrassment is to be poor, vulnerable, and in need. In a voice as direct and unstoppable as an ambulance, Malinenko paints a raw, visceral, and essential portrait of a country without pity, without compassion, and makes the need for change feel like the emergency it is.
—Lori Jakiela, author of Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe

Ally Malinenko has an exceptional ability to observe life and write honestly. She is an absolute treasure.
—Moriah LaChapell, editor of The Blue Hour

This is a devastating book that reads as the polar opposite of Walt Whitman—here, the speaker does not see herself of them, these demented Americans. Here, the speaker rises up and says to the Bible and all its believers, to the box stores and all their consumers, to the patriots and all their patriotism, “Absolutely not.” The country inside these pages is lit up like a Walmart commercial and packed with the same ugliness that makes minimum wage unlivable and bargain shoppers unbearable. The loudest voices are all dressed up in stars-and-stripes bikinis, shouting about how great it is to be red-white-and-blue, while the rest of us rape and kill and need a drink to stand the sights. Here are poems that say, “Enough,” that say, “Quit insulting the world.” Watch out, America. Ally Malinenko’s poems are dodgeballs and she’s throwing them at your head.
—Dave Newman, author of The Poem Factory

How to Be an American is a how-to guide without instructions. This book is brave, bold, and honest—a fucking atom bomb to the political and personal poetry scenes.
—Ben John Smith, editor of Horror Sleaze and Trash

It ain’t pretty and it ain’t poesy, at least the way most Americans think of poesy, thank you, Jesus. And it ain’t political, except in the larger sense of human-ness, of flaming outrage, and of deeply longed for compassion. Simply put, this is Ally Malinenko’s incisive deconstruction of many a fetid cranny and nook of the collective American psyche. Pilgrim, save yourself: read it now.
—Don Wentworth, editor of Lilliput Review

Matcho’s Love Songs from Flood City (Low Ghost) is pretty good too, BTW.

Eat, drink, listen to poems, yak w/ the authors, buy the books—one of the last chances you’ll have to do any of this at ModernFormations!


10/23 Catholic School & Other Tales of Terror @ Classic Lines

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THIS FRIDAY (h/t Joan Bauer)…
Join three writers who graduated from the same Catholic high school–ANGELE ELLIS, 
BOB WALICKI, and THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER–for an evening of work inspired 
by their twisted, haunted pasts!

As this event is a week before Halloween and All Souls’ Day, expect to be chilled and thrilled. Wine (unconsecrated) and Halloween candy will be served.

Costumes are optional, although the writers will be shedding a few veils during the course of the evening.

P.S. For inquiring minds: The high school was Vincentian, located in the profoundly spooky North Hills, just off of McKnightmare Road!


A psychic recently told ANGELE ELLIS that during the next year, she would be surrounded by coffins. Labeled “a very disturbed girl” by her high school principal, Angele has lived up to that description by publishing poetry, fiction, and reviews in fifty publications and ten anthologies. She is author of Arab on Radar (Six Gallery Press), whose poems won her a fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and Spared (A Main Street Rag Editors’ Choice Chapbook).

??…Shh. It’s a mystery!

ROBERT WALICKI still is traumatized by the paddle that hung on the wall of his grade school principal’s office. Despite being tortured by nuns and ghosts alike, he has found time to publish poetry in a number of journals, including Pretty Owl Poetry, Blast Furnace, and The Kentucky Review. His debut chapbook is A Room Full of Trees (Redbird Press). His second chapbook, The Almost Sound of Snow Falling, is due in February from Night Ballet Press.


10/27 After Happy Hour Review launch @ ModernFormations

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10/17 A Fall Thing @ Coffee Buddha

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10 Pittsburgh Poets, 10 Minutes each and one pretty big campfire! Coffee Buddha After Hours has a gaggle of writers including Kris Collins, Scott Silsbe, Dan Shapiro, John Korn, Bart Solarcyzk, Jason Baldinger, Stephanie Brea, Christine Stroud, Meghan Tutolo and Kelly Scarff to help ease you into the swing of the new season (forget the fact the season will almost be a month old already)

$5 gets you in, there will be Hot Cider and the making for smores, plus some hot dogs (regular and veggie). Readers start at 8:30 the event is 21+ and BYOB (an important detail if you’d like to spike your cider).

The New Yinzer & Poems for Jerry

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The New Yinzer is back with a new issue, featuring contributions by Six Gallery scribblers Jason Baldinger, Angele Ellis, John Grochalski, Chuck Kinder, Scott Silsbe, & Don Wentworth. Check it all out here.

Also, a new anthological tribute to Gerald Stern, edited by Caliban Books’ John Schulman, just dropped.

Stern will be in town NEXT TUESDAY as part of the Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Series. Shit is FREE but you are supposed to register.

10/5 McSweeney’s Poetry Series presents Daniel Khalastchi w/ Don Wentworth @ EEBX

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“We walked to the sea with a bucket / and a hand rake. We dug out our / kidneys, put them in the bucket, then / waited for rain you said the weatherman / promised. On the beach, we lay tangled like the leashes of euthanized / house pets, red trails from our bodies / tied together at points, then keeping / a passionate, rational distance.” Poet Daniel Khalastchi, a first-generation Iraqi-American who’s also Jewish, works at the University of Iowa. Tonight, at East End Book Exchange, he reads from his new collection, Tradition (McSweeney’s) along with local poet Don Wentworth. BO 7 p.m. 4754 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield. Free.