6/23 Detroit Comix Party @ Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom

12-8PM SATURDAY, Dan McCloskey, Nils Balls, & Nate McDonough will be slinging comics (or comix) at this. Get ’em!

We want it rough. We want it dangerous. We want total unregulated self expression. We have seen a Spiderman and we are bored to tears. We are not here by accident, we are not waiting on our major label deal.

We want to celebrate the incredible wealth of wild, intimate, and spectacularly bizarre work being created under the radar. Detroit Comix Party will be the platform for that content to rise up into the public eye and into the path of potential consumers, showing without a doubt that there is still magic in little handmade books printed on paper.

Detroit Comix Party quests to create a forum and strong meeting place for artists from the independent publishing community to discuss new ideas that will help us understand where our industry is today and where it is going tomorrow. A meeting of the minds, to identify present and future goals, and provide opportunity for all participants to network with peers and expose their work to a wider audience.

Controlling the means of production has always been a revolutionary act. The democratization of technology has given us the power of extreme and immediate self-expression, whether we choose to use it or not. Let’s celebrate those that are already taking control and actively participating and inspire newcomers to make the first awkward steps toward self-made media freedom.

Independent comix, book-arts, zines, diy;  whatever you call it, we participate in a culture built on the celebration, or at least exploration, of the absolute extreme fringe-ends of society. Detroit Comix Party confidently embrace this, even in cases where we are presented with material that is absolutely mortifying or disturbing.

Please help make Detroit Comix Party a dangerous and intense experience.

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