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8/30 Labor Saturday @ EEBX + Performance Art Festival @ Roboto

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Labor Day has come a long way from its roots in the aftermath of the Haymarket Riots, The Homestead Steel Strike, The Pullman Strike among many others. Today it’s more about a day off, a picnic, the dread of going back to school or the crime of ended summer but not necessarily about words. Join us Saturday August 30 for four awesome readers who still know that work is meaningless without words and celebrate what it means to work in both prose and poetry.

Lineup is Jason Baldinger, Stephanie Brea, Adam Matcho, & Dave Newman.


ALSO TOMORROW, Christine Stoddard will be doing something (no idea what) at this…

5/30 Celluloid Residue @ The Shop

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THIS FRIDAY in Richmond…


3 by Elwin Cotman

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A revised version of an old Christmas card story, “The Piper’s Christmas Carol” at Christine Stoddard’s Quail Bell,

“The Beautiful Nightmare of The Time Masters” at Black Gate,

& a lovely piece on Fritz Lieber’s story “Smoke Ghost” at Weird Fiction Review

would like you to read them.